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Over the past year I have had the opportunity to work with Meaghan to improve my golf game and get to know her personally. Meaghan always makes time for her students and she really cares about our progress and enjoyment of the game. She has a wonderful way of simplifying the technical aspects and finding creative ways to make sure her students understand technical changes. Knowing a number of Meaghan’s students, she has an exceptional ability to work with golfers of various skill levels and can tailor her teaching to the player’s needs. Meaghan takes a holistic approach to helping her students. Personally she has spent a lot of time with me, working on course management and the mental side of the game. It is great to learn so much from someone who has so much experience in the game of golf. —Michael Walsh JR

Meaghan has a love and enthusiasm for the game of golf, and it translates clearly to her instruction and interaction with her students. She knows how rewarding the game can be and is committed to helping people enjoy the golf at all skill levels.

For competitive players, Meaghan’s mastery of the intricacies of scoring, that can only be developed from playing the game at the highest level, are invaluable. —David Wolfson

Meaghan is a great golf coach who has honed her skills during her years on the LPGA and forged them to teach students to improve their game. I’m proud to call her my coach, mentor and friend. —Khristine Briggs