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My first recall of getting to know Meaghan was through her coach at the time, Tom Patri. She had just won on the LPGA Tour, beating Annika in a playoff, and Tom was so proud of her I could hardly get him off the phone! I became a fan and started to watch her career from then on. Fast forward to her injury that forced her to take a step backwards and she inquired about a position at Seminole Golf Club. No surprise it didn’t take her long to “fit in” and with her knowledge of the game and terrific interpersonal skills, our members loved their experience with her! 

It is my understanding that Meaghan is now a top-flight instructor (no surprise here), I’m sure on her way to becoming one of the best!! I will look forward to watching this phase of this young lady’s career continue to flourish! All the best Meaghan. 

Bob Ford

Head Professional, Seminole Golf Club

After spending over 30 years coaching Tour players, I have learned that when it comes to golf, there are qualities inherent to a person who has played at the highest level. I have known Meaghan since 2007 and I can tell you she “checks all the boxes”.  

I would list her attributes as having great focus, confidence, emotional stability, self-sufficiency and the ability to think outside the box. Whether you are talking business or golf instruction, these traits combined with Meaghan’s ability to connect with people, create a rare combination of knowledge and the ability to relate that insight to others. 

Ron Stockton

PGA/LPGA Tour Instructor and Co-Founder Stockton Golf

I have known Meaghan for over seven years. I first met her while she was competing on the LPGA Tour. I got to know her more personally when she became a caddie/mentor. We worked closely together for six months and her knowledge of the game is second to none. Meaghan’s understanding of both golf fundamentals and how to play and compete make her so valuable. She really helped me develop my game as a new tour pro and I am forever grateful for her guidance. 

Marina Alex

LPGA Tour Winner